What is Buxense?

Buxense is a feature rich Paid-to-Click service customized to ensure a stable and secure long-term earning environment for the members as well as providing affordable and effective advertising solutions for the advertisers.

As a user, you earn money from viewing advertisements that our advertisers have purchased. You can increase your earnings by directly referring members to the site, or by renting referrals that have joined the site with no referrer. There are various advertising options available to reach our members if you are looking to advertise, and more features to benefit all of our members are planned for the future. Always stay tuned for something new!

What are the different membership benefits?

How much can I earn by referrals?

Your potential earnings depends on your membership type and the number of ads you and your referrals view on a daily basis. If you are someone who is not good at directly referring people and rents referrals instead, get a genuseeral idea of how much you can earn from your rented referrals.
 With  Standard / Pioneer  membership 
  With Golden / Ultimate membership 


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