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he biggest problem faced by majority of newbie bloggers and web developers is editing their templates. And the reason for this is lack of awareness with browser languages like CSS, XML, HTML, JavaScript etc. There are several websites online that have tutorials in these fields and one of such websites is This website is popular because it lets you play with the code! It has an Online HTML Editor Tool that lets you see live preview of the code that you use. Many developers find this tool pretty useful but has someone ever imagined that you can actually rip this tool out of w3schools and use it offline for practicing coding while offline? Well fortunately after some trial and error we could successfully create a similar tool entitled as “MBT HTML Editor” This is the first time all bloggers are having a chance to have fun playing with important codes like CSS, HTML and JavaScript and learn important coding in a more interesting way! Now you can actually test a code before adding them to blogger.

This tool is better than any other HTML Editor found online or available as a software, in the following ways,

  1. It works Offline in any browser available
  2. Takes less than a fraction of a second to show live preview
  3. Is equal in size to a peanut i.e 2.32 Kb
  4. Code is saved in browser if your PC shutdowns accidently
  5. You can go back several times using Ctrl + Z and go forward using Ctrl + Y
  6. Can be used to test a code for Cross Browser Compatibility
  7. It is free of charge thanks to MBT! :D
The left pane is the area where you add your code and the right pane is the area responsible for displaying a visual view of the code. The CSS code is added just between <style> and </style> and the HTML code is added just below </style>

Hope this Tool will be of great use to bloggers and web developers across the globe. I hope you may find it easy to better understand and learn browser languages and implement them to invent new codes with new creativities. Do let me know how useful you find it. We played our part and now its your turn to spread the message!

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