DOS(Disk Operating system)

Why CMD Using ?
Sometimes DOS is the Best Tool
Sometimes DOS commands are the best, and often only, way to do something. Consider using them for file backups and when Windows Explorer has indigestion.
Using DOS Commands
  • DOS commands may be run as command line statements or as batch files.
  • DOS commands are case‐insensitive.
  • DOS commands are documented on various websites and in the Windows help file (see “Command Reference Main Page”).
Command Line Statements
  1. To run DOS commands:
  2. Open the DOS command console window (aka command prompt):
  3. Use menu Start, Run, enter “cmd.exe” OR
  4. Use menu Start, Programs, Command Prompt
  5. Type in the command.
  6. Press [Enter]

backup c:\work\*.* d: /s
The above example would create a backup of all the files and subdirectories in the work directory and save the backup to the d: drive.


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